O – Overgaden. Institute of Contemporary Art

OVERGADEN. Institut for Samtidskunst. Pressefoto

OVERGADEN. Institute of Contemporary Art has existed since 1986 and is one of Denmark’s most important and experimental exhibition spaces for contemporary art.

OVERGADEN annually presents around ten exhibitions of new Danish and international contemporary art and has the solo show as its focal point. With these solo shows, OVERGADEN produces newly produced contemporary art projects at the highest artistic level crossing media and generations. An important part of OVERGADEN’s profile also consists of experimenting with exhibition formats and the relationship between artists, art institution, and audience.

OVERGADEN prioritizes close contact with the art scenes and on a running basis presents a large program of events, talks, and performances in collaboration with art professionals from Denmark and abroad. Equally, it is a central part of OVERGADEN’s identity to function as a generator for debate and knowledge about contemporary art and its role in society.

Source: OVERGADEN. Institute of Contemporary Art

O – Overgaden. Institute of Contemporary Art

Overgaden Neden Vandet 17
1414 København K


+45 3257 7273

Tue-Wed-Fri 13-18
Thu 13-20
Sat-Sun 11-18

Free entrance


'O - Overgaden. Institute of Contemporary Art'