K19 aims to offer a platform for vast artistic expressions. K19 brings forward a non commercial space where the viewer can reflect upon and experience contemporary and local art. Most of all K19 aims to provide a possibility for experiments and meetings between artists and genres. I can be the meeting of a sound installation and visual art. K19 is especially curious in this meeting, where in an artistic exchange occurs. This exchange also enables a renewed perspective upon both the work process and art, for as well the viewer as the artists involved.

K19 is owned by:
Anne Rahbæk, Creative Entrepreneur and Curator
Camilla Simpson, Social Anthropologist
Astrid Espenhain, Artist

Source: K19


Julius Blomsgade 19 basement,
2200 København N

Tue-Wed 17-20
Thu-Fri 15-20
Sat-Sun 14-18