In front of SMK

Foran SMK - Nicolai Appel, Rune Fjord, Oliver Strunck, Hans Asmussen, Gelænderværk 2021. Foto: Hans Asmussen

The group behind the “In front of SMK”:

Nicolai Appel is a trained goldsmith and precious metal designer, and owns a goldsmith workshop and shop in Copenhagen.

Rune Fjord develops cross-artistic projects and has educations in design and visual arts.

Hans Christian Asmussen is an independent Industrial Designer and has educations in Design and Visual Communication.

Oliver Strunck is a project manager with experience as a curator of pop-up galleries and exhibitions of his own photographs and collage art.

In front of SMK

In the front garden at the entrance to the National Gallery of Denmark

København K


'In front of SMK'