Friisland was founded in 2021. The art space is situated in the outer Nordhavn area of Copenhagen.

Our focus is on performative art forms. We invite international artists in residences, for artists talks, installations and other collaborations. In extension of this work, we investigate how to turn performative art forms into a solid state, so they can be exhibited and experienced independently of the artists´ physical presence. To this end, we commission performance-for-camera, VR installations and performance art recipes, to mention a few of our formats.

We are also engaged in our location in Nordhavn, a new area of Copenhagen being developed these years. We are preparing various projects in the nature and in cooperation with existing institutions and businesses in Nordhavn. The projects will be installations, AR treasure hunts, art LARPS (live action role playing) and many other formats of public arts.

Source: Friisland


Kattegatvej 39
2150 Nordhavn

Fri-Sun 12-16

Free entrance