BOKS af PRUST X Sharing Copenhagen

BOKS is a celebration of the city and a protest against it. BOKS is a horse trailer with art in its belly; mobile, changeable, and alive. BOKS is open and lets art loose on the streets.

BOKS creates a relationship between the exhibiting artists and the places it inhabits. The city will draw out new artists and artists will draw out new parts of the city. BOKS challenges the visual landscape of the city with its rural aesthetic. We question what the city is, what it can and what it wants. Can a horse trailer belong in the streets of Copenhagen?

BOKS is a partnership between the art group PRUST and the city of Copenhagen’s partnership program Sharing Copenhagen. Throughout 2022 BOKS will light up the streets of Copenhagen with bite-size pieces of art that can be eaten by everyone, but is slowly digested and leaves impressions of expression.

Source: BOKS af PRUST X Sharing Copenhagen

Opening hours during Art Week: 9 - 20

Free entrance


'BOKS af PRUST X Sharing Copenhagen'