20 Aug 20212 okt 2021

Vista presents new works by Emilie Bausager and Asta Lynge. Bausager shows a lantern, a wall-mounted lamp, a milking stool and a beanbag. Lynge contributes with a pan flute, a series of glass-mountains, a coffee table and modification of the space.

Picture the scene: Equipped with a flute, a stool and a lantern for when darkness falls, the herder sits beholding the mountain peaks on the horizon. The rhythmic rumination of the cows is accompanied at times by the soft timbres of the flute and together they form a piece of music that completes the fusion of human, animal and landscape. When he takes the flute from his lips, its sound is replaced by poetry depicting the silly games and flirtation between the herdsmen and women. The idyllic and erotic overtones are viscous and sweet like Swiss milk chocolate.

Emilie Bausager’s practice deals with the fluidity of history, and the impossibility of adequate representation. By employing anachronism as a reoccurring artifice in her work she creates a tension between curiosity, insight, gravity and humour. Often rooted within landscape, constructed or not, Bausager’s output takes its shape as installation comprised of elements such as stained glass, ceramics, objets trouvé, text, and prints.

Based on a concept or an allegory Asta Lynge works associatively across materials and processes. She is interested in the notion of progress and its inherent affiliation with technology. Departing from a speculative space her work is informed by images and products manufactured for a ‘green’ consumer culture.

Emilie Bausager (UK/DK, 1992). MFA The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2019).

Asta Lynge (DK, 1988). BFA Central Saints Martins (2012), CSM Associate Studio Programme (2013-16).

Source: Lagune Ouest

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20 Aug 20212 okt 2021