SIIKU: X-Unlimited
10 Sep 202131 okt 2021

The theme of the exhibition is based on connections.

A common feature of all the works is that they concretely include Greenlandic nature as a strong contrast to the urban Copenhagen district. At a time when our ecosystem is under pressure and human diversity in many places creates strife, the works remind us of the raw beauty of nature and its connection to ourselves, others, and create reflection on us, our present and our chances of survival in the future.

X Unlimited offers a dignified look into Greenland’s current cultural production directly in Copenhagen’s public space with a focus on the connections between Greenland and Denmark, between each other and to the nature around us.

The artists:
Bolatta Silis-Høegh (b. 1981 in Qaqortoq) is a trained visual artist from Aarhus Art Academy, has a number of exhibitions, publications and honors behind her. She is one of the most prominent young Greenlandic artists at the moment.

Naleraq Eugenius (b. 1986 in Ilulissat) is a trained lighting designer and has recently created large, light-based installation works in several places in Greenland.

SIIKU: David H. Péronard (b. 1981 in Nuuk) and Rasmus Nielsen (b. 1984 in Lyngby) have respectively. digital and analog background in the art world, and began their collaboration as SIIKU in 2017 based on the SIIKU manifesto.

Source: Til Vægs

SIIKU: X-Unlimited
10 Sep 202131 okt 2021


'SIIKU: X-Unlimited'