Opening: DATE.
28 Sep 2021  17-20

K19 introduces DATE.

DATE. examines the physical meeting between two people and materials, both in its theme and the artistic process behind. The artists Mads Hilbert and Baptiste Comte will create works for the exhibition DATE. within the frame of a 24hour rendezvous at the K19 workshop where their ideas and works will grow through this ‘four hands writing’. Hilbert works mostly with oil paint on canvas and Comte with a more sculptural practice. During Art Week audiences are invited to experience the works and process behind DATE.

The idea of a ship quickly emerged. It’s a fairytale, a fantasy, a futuristic shiplike installation, that was created in a very innocent, explorative process – like on a playdate: having fun and going along without knowing where it all ends.

Hilbert and Comte explain: “We just started building together, the idea of a ship emerged quite early in the proces. It wasn’t our initial idea that we should build one piece together. We thought we would build two different pieces that were in a dialogue. But you never know where the dialogue between people on their first date ends up. The dialogue is unrehearsed. And it is in this way our relationSHIP was created.”

The ship is immediate, raw and perhaps unfinished. The inspiration for the ship is nature, animated stuff and skeletons. “We thought of viking ships, how they were functional and durable and simultaneously beautifully decorated with ornaments and lots of symbolism. We talked about how inventions always imitate nature. Innovation creates from a very simple and primitive starting point in order to make something new and possibly very complicated”.

“This is a futuristic legendary ship”.

DATE. consist of an installation made from wood, paintings on canvas, and 3D prints.

Source: K19

Opening: DATE.
28 Sep 2021  17-20


'Opening: DATE.'