Kinga Bartis: Irregulars. Beyond the current
20 Aug 20213 okt 2021

Bodies emerging from fertile, patient water, each holding their stories. Soft edges, slow bleeds, serene faces suggesting that we are looking inwards, exploring various kinds of interrelationships, through sensual, continuous movement.

Being part of an always changing, fragile existence, without the illusion of control but with an acceptance and curiosity of that change. They are floating, slowly shifting, and just can’t stay on the dry shore. The current keeps them in flux, and likewise they affect the current, movement on eternal waters. All of a sudden constructed categories lose their weight and we navigate softer, lightly. These irregulars are beyond the well known domains, inhabiting the thirds.

By writing their own narratives they are establishing their own fundaments with self made tools drawing on principles of interconnectedness, beyond the individual self and towards a world yet to exist. With this body of work I am exploring the possibilities of blurring the categories/edges. Disrupting, toying with terms such as body, reproduction, love, family/ home, nature as well as the tradition of painting—portraiture, the nude figure, landscape, horizon, motive/ background. Painting can take us beyond the static binary, using physical, emotional expressions as driving forces to suggest one of the countless depictions of irregularities. This multiplicity can be applied to the charcoal/mixed media works. They are not paintings nor drawings. They are diverse techniques which complement each other, making up a third. The necessity of rethinking the constructed norms that operates on domination, exploitation, alienation. We need to imagine new ways of living and advocating towards a collective body. Rethinking how to be in the world, a visual suggestion for the irregular.
Entering existence after existence—transcending the body

– Kinga Bartis


Kinga Bartis’ approach to painting lies outside the boundaries of the classic school of painting. Eschewing labels, Bartis envisions painting as a means of breaking free from the habitual relationship of defining and redefining of our existence, looking towards a more multidisciplinary and open approach.

Repeating imagery of bodies, figures, nature and landscapes combine to reflect the realties of a shifting world. Often blending one into the other, the resulting ambiguity provides a backdrop for
elements to ebb and flow, almost moving subtly on the canvas, revealing themselves organically.

Reoccurring themes of sexuality, power structures, the body and self-perception can be felt through these motions as they pulsate towards us.

Their presence does not suggest a direction that Bartis’ wishes us to go in, but rather a mood or a feeling, a platform through which discussions are encouraged.

Kinga Bartis (b. 1984, Transylvania) lives and works in Copenhagen. Graduating with an MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2018, this solo exhibition marks Bartis’ first with Galleri Nicolai Wallner.


Source: Gallery Nicolai Wallner

Kinga Bartis: Irregulars. Beyond the current
20 Aug 20213 okt 2021


'Kinga Bartis: Irregulars. Beyond the current'