(Into and) Out of this world
17 Sep 20214 okt 2021

Exhibition space and ad hoc laboratory Annual Reportt presents the group exhibition (Into and) Out of this World that puts to work the divide and the connections between virtual and physical reality. Annual Reportt investigates the overlapping peripheries of artistic disciplines and is run by design trio Alexis Mark, whose work focuses on language, transmission and the translation between art and cultural production. They create space for one part of (Into and), in the form of the first chapter of Freja Sofie Kirk’s Killing, Kidding, Colliding: a video installation that uses birds’ collisions with glass architecture and the artist’s own bipolarity, to investigate the relation between economy, architecture and mania. And in the form of a performance by musician Melodi Soltani, that through computer-processed sound, examines a foremother’s presence in oneself.

(Into and) wants to investigate the geography of the illusory and porous boundary between virtual and physical reality; the architecture that we inhabit on both sides and the broadcasting of experience that is send back-and-forth and imbedded in it. It consists of a string of video works that in different ways are expressions of the virtual’s co-creation of our worlds. It is spread across Copenhagen, where you will meet it on screens and in the form of strangely recognizable flower installations, which as glitches that have escaped the screen, pop up on the exhibition’s route from Amager to Nørrebro.

The works are created by artists: Chen Zhou, Erdal Bilici, Freja Sofie Kirk, Freja Gøtke, Kamil Dossar, Melodi Soltani and Yilmaz Sen.

It also takes place at: Arcway Nightlands Connector Jennifee-See Alternate, Liflandsgade 6, Morph Film, Blågårdsgade 29A, and pops up in between.


Source: Annual Reportt

Annual Reportt

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(Into and) Out of this world
17 Sep 20214 okt 2021


'(Into and) Out of this world'