2 okt 2021  10-16

Come and join when the art project Gelænderværk together with children and adults creates a 21 meter temporarily handrail on the square in front of SMK – Statens Museum for Kunst. The workshop is targeted at children aged 4-12 years – and their adults. The work will be completed during the day, so we create, feel and experience that moment together.

The art group behind the project will set up a 21m long clay mold, which will be processed by children and parents with a number of tools brought by the group.The work is created, felt, and experienced in the moment. The mold is processed by children and parents with tools provided by the group. This work is cast and exhibited on site.

Through an open, engaging, and exploratory process, we will create a gesamtkunstwerk as a tribute to the hand, craft, and textuality. We want to democratize the artistic process, celebrate communal creation, and the fact that we are allowed to be together again.

The group behind the work: Nicolai Appel is a trained goldsmith and precious metal designer, and owns a goldsmith workshop and shop in Copenhagen. Rune Fjord develops cross-artistic projects and has educations in design and visual arts. Hans Christian Asmussen is an independent Industrial Designer and has educations in Design and Visual Communication. Oliver Strunck is a project manager with experience as a curator of pop-up galleries and exhibitions of his own photographs and collage art.


Source: Nicolai Appel, Rune Fjord, Hans Christian Asmussen and Oliver Strunck

In front of SMK

In the front garden at the entrance to the National Gallery of Denmark

København K

2 okt 2021  10-16