Art Talk: Selforganisation
30 Sep 2021  10

Conversation between curator Stine Hebert and C.C.C gallery owner Simon Rasmussen. Moderated by Iben Bach Elmstrøm.

Based on the concept of ‘self-organization’, Stereo Exchange is hosting a talk about the organization of art and the potential of developing art and artists outside the network of art institutions.

Stine Hebert is the editor of the book Self-Organized and will give an introduction to the political dilemmas of self-organization. Gallery owner Simon Rasmussen will talk about his experiences with starting an artist-run exhibition space, which has since become a commercial gallery.

The conversation will touch on the following questions: Can the art market and artistic experiments be reconciled in new ways? What does the future hold? What political tensions does the concept of ‘self-organization’ hold in 2021 and how can the self-organized layer in the arts become sustainable?

The conversation is in English.
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Source: Stereo Exchange

Art Talk: Selforganisation
30 Sep 2021  10


'Art Talk: Selforganisation'