A conversation with SUPERFLEX
29 Sep 2021  10-10:45

Join SUPERFLEX for an artist talk and conversation in connection with the exhibition Like a Force of Nature. The two works in the show explore the almost ecstatic disorientation produced by the dizzying structures of both nature and economy. Today, when many rituals of surrender have been lost, surrendering to nature or economy can feel like a mystical experience, an encounter with the ungraspable. At this event, SUPERFLEX will discuss these new works, and suitably mystifying libations will be served.

Like a Force of Nature is a sculpture based on the Fibonacci sequence, which is a mathematical formula that appears in many kinds of natural growth, from sunflower seeds to tree branches to fish skin colorations. The sculpture is lined with ceramic tiles in colors taken from global banknotes and arranged based on the spiral of the golden ratio, which expands exponentially. The expansive form of this spiral, along with the flickering order of the tiles, evokes the illusion that money is as natural as a volcano or tsunami, like a force of nature.

Investment Bank Flowerpots are models of the corporate headquarters of some of the world’s largest investment banks. Each model serves as a flowerpot for hallucinogenic plants. The euphoric effects of the plants are reminiscent of the effects of monetary transactions: the plants’ pharmaceutical capacity is determined by the wild math of nature, just as the global economy is shaped by the delirious power of the unbridled free market.

The talk will be in english.
Free entry.

Source: Nils Stærk

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A conversation with SUPERFLEX
29 Sep 2021  10-10:45


'A conversation with SUPERFLEX'